How to Become a CPA

September 11, 2013

How to Become a CPA

Many multinational corporations, non- profits organization, as well as privately owned companies among others greatly depend on the skills of certified public accountants which is abbreviated as CPA. These accounting professionals assist the business to stay very competitive and strong as well as ensuring financial integrity via strategic tax planning, account analysis, investment consulting as well as risk management. The demand and salary for the certified public accountants ranges as the universal business environment become more complex. Even though it can be very difficult to become a certified public accountant, having adequate knowledge of the requirement as well as the steps involved makes the process to look very easy.

Certified Public Accountants

Nowadays there are many career options for certified public accountants than ever before. Basically, passing the crucial certified accountant exam is always the first step you should do to reach your rewarding certified public accountant career. These professionals are very important as they help for-profit businesses, individuals, government agencies as well as non-profit organization to remain financially stable by keeping up-to-date and accurate records, properly filling the necessary documents and preparation for tax. Generally, certified public accountants add more value to their employers or customers in the sense that they plan and analyze financials, provide investment advice and also plan tax strategies in accordance to the goals of the company.

CPA Specialization

The basic two areas of specialization when you become a certified public accountant are either business and corporate accounting or public accounting. There many options within the two specialized areas, for instance, you may become an internal auditor, whose role is to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal controls of the company, its financial data accuracy as well as checking for mismanagement, fraud and waste. There is also the forensic accounting which entails looking for evidence of money laundering, securities of fraud as well as tax evasion and embezzlement. In addition to that, there is also managerial accounting, environmental accounting, and tax accounting as well as information technology among many other options.

CPA Exam

How to Become a CPA

The certified public accountant exam is very rigorous and demanding hence requires a certified public accountant review course for you to increase your chances of passing it. In addition to that, there are other requirements which you have to fulfill before sitting for the exam. There is variation of regulation among states even though majority requires one hundred and fifty hours of full instruction which is thirty hours beyond the four year bachelor’s degree. A majority of the certified public accountants have bachelor’s degrees in accounting while there are others who earn business degrees and proceed to MBA and concentrates much in accounting program. There are some colleges which offer accelerated master’s degree programs for professionals who are working. Majority of the students opt to finish the one hundred and fifty hours requirement as they pursue their bachelor’s degree while there are others who opt for an accelerated five years accounting program.

How to Become a CPA

CPA accountant exam is very crucial in the sense that, a person can only claim to be an accountant by establishing licensure through passing the certified public accountant exam and applying for it. This exam is very necessary simply because the certified public accountant will have unlimited access to very confidential and sensitive financial information of several businesses as well as individuals. The information may be used in the wrong way in case it is handled by someone who is not qualified. The certification is basically meant to assure the public that the CPA has advanced knowledge, high level of technical skills, as well as the ethical standards for them to be trusted.

There are four sections of the certified public accountant exam. The exams are taken one at a time and in any order as preferred by the candidate. However, having passed the first exam requires that you must pass the remaining three within eighteen months. These four sections include; the financial accounting and reporting, audit and attestation, regulation, as well as the business environment and concepts. The exam may be sat for during the first two months of each and every quarter. That is January and February, October and November, July and August, April and May. The blackout dates are months when the exams are not offered. There is need for adequate preparation for you to pass the certified public accountant exam.

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